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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Serghiy Paradzhanov
1964 year
classics, drama, carpathians

In the Carpathian Mountains of 19th-century Ukraine, love, hate, life and death among the Hutsul people are as they’ve been since time began. Little Hutsul Ivanko Paliychuk witnesses the death of his father in a fight with a man from the enemy Gutenyuk family. During these events, Ivan meets Marichka, the daughter of his father's killer.

Ivan and Marichka grow up and spend a lot of time together and fall in love with each other. Ivan goes to work in the meadows, planning to return before winter and marry Marichka. However, Marichka dies suddenly. Ivan marries another woman - but he still longs for Marichka.

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Софія Миронюк
одне слово - шедевр
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Загін кіноманів внес свій вклад у популяризацію Тіней, дякую
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Victor Perfetsky
вау вау вау
du Plessis Nancy
What a fantastic film! A feast for the eyes and ears! I only wish that more of the dialogue and the songs had been captioned...
Вадим Логін
На свій час - дуже прогресивний фільм