Дике поле
Дике поле
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The Wild Fields

Yaroslav Lodygin
2018 year
action, thriller, drama
ukr, rus
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Herman Korolyov, 33, is getting by, working a meaningless executive job in a big city. One day he gets a strange call and learns that his older brother has mysteriously disappeared. Herman must go back to his hometown to defend the family business - a small gas station (and with it, old friends and a girlfriend from the past) - against the 'kukuruzniks', mafia-type gangs that are grabbing up businesses and land in the Donbas region and turning them into corn fields and railways that lead nowhere.

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Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Дике Поле
Festivals and awards

Best Actor (Oleg Moskalenko)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Vladimir Yamnenko)
Best Cinematography (Sergey Mykhalchuk)
Best Production Design (Vlad Odudenko)
Best Sound Design (Serhiy Stepanskyy)

Сreative group
Directed by

Yaroslav Lodygin

Written by

Natalіa Vorozhbyt
Serhiy Zhadan
Yaroslav Lodygin

Produced by

Vladimir Yatsenko 

Cinematography by

Sergey Mykhalchuk

Production Design by

Vlad Odudenko
Ivan Tyshchenko

Music by

Fima Chupakhin

Sound Engineer

Serhiy Stepanskyy

Film Editing by

Oleksandr Chornyi
Denis Zaharov


Oleg Moskalenko
Heorhіy Povolocykiy
Ruslana Khazipova

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Орина Стеценко
Хороший трейлер до книги :)
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Serhii Zimenko
Якщо казати про хороше у цьому фільмі - то це операторська робота, гра Ямненка, Горбунова та Поволоцького. І це все. Постільна сцена - окремий крінж, а один з ключових моментів пострілу - дууже слабкий. Шкода, бо роман - шедевр.