Аліса в Країні війни
Аліса в Країні війни
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Alisa in Warland

Alisa Kovalenko, Liubov Durakova
2015 year
portrait film, drama
ukr, rus
eng, pol

Alisa is 26 years old when the revolution starts on the Maidan. Like many filmmakers, she begins to film the crucial events that her country goes through. But soon, the distance between the camera and reality will shrink, and life and death will become more important than just a film. Alisa will spend two years at the epicenter of the turmoil, from Independence Square in Kyiv to the security checkpoints of Sloviansk and the ruins of Donetsk airport.

It is also the journey and personal diary of a Ukrainian girl and documentary filmmaker confronted with the same choices and dilemmas as those of her countrymen and -women when personal life meets history.

Currently, the director defends Ukraine in the Armed Forces. Support Alisa Kovalenko: 5168 7554 3089 0844

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