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No Obvious Signs

Alina Gorlova
2018 year
64 min
Original language
Ukr, Rus
Ukr, Eng


Short description of the plot without spoilers

What is left backstage from the heroic videos of our warriors in Ukraine? This is the story of a woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life.

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Impressions of the film
TAKFLIX audience reviews on this film
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Валерій Бабенко
Хороший фильм. Украинская документалистика не перестает радовать! Алине Горловой респект и уважение
Inna Gonchar
Дуже важливий фільм.
Анна Гутніченко
Дивно, в описі вказано мови - українська і російська. А у фільмі українською кілька слів. Я не збиралась дивитись російськомовне кіно і дуже розчарована.
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Jake Finn
This film had me in tears... As someone who has been through trauma, it hurts so much seeing brave Ukrainians being traumatised by the Russian army. This film was very raw for me. I want to thank Alina Gorlova for her film and Oksana Yakubova for her bravely both on the battlefield and whilst making this film. I hope she recovers as well as the many victims of Putin's violence. Slava Ukraini!
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Ольга Карпенко
Прекрасний фільм!