Into the Mountains
Into the Mountains

Into the Mountains

5 films
378 min
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About the collection

“Into the Mountains” consists of five iconic films about the Carpathians, which define the image of mountains in Ukrainian culture. Mountains appear as a space for unrestrained freedom, authenticity, escape. Here anyone can find shelter from the everyday fuss, get rid of nihilism and feel yourself being the part of eternity. Mountain meadows, the sounds of trembita, the Hutsul lifestyle and the Transcarpathian dialect — Takflix invites you to travel the Carpathians through the movies.

The collection opens up with a favourite film classic - Serghiy Paradzhanov's film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, which introduced the “Carpathian phenomenon” on the screen. Olena Dem'yanenko's incendiary musical “Hutsulka Xenya” with the participation of the cabaret “Dakh Daughters” depicts the Carpathians of 1939 - a moment before they were occupied by the Bolsheviks. Iryna Tsilyk's short film “Home” depicts a story of Galician intelligentsia, who leaves city homes and finds shelter in the woods. Ostap Kostyuk's documentary masterpiece “The Living Fire” tells touching story of three generations of shepherds and depicts the modern world of the Hutsul region. And Antonio Lukich's hit tragicomedy “My Thoughts are Silent” turns a psychological drama about the relationship between mother and son into a witty and therapeutic journey through Transcarpathia.

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