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Oleg Sentsov
2011 year
92 min
Original language


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The story of a young gamer who dropped out of school and messed up relationship with his mother for computer games. Koss trains 5-6 hours a day, which brings him quite fruitful results - he goes to the World Cyber Championship and wins second place there. However, upon returning home, he realizes that the games are meaningless for him. Koss is left alone with his reflections on life values and plans for the future.

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хороший фільм
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Jake Finn
I thought this was a bad film, but I was happy to see the Ukrainian city of Simferopol in Crimea. The film is accurate about the world of competitive gaming, especially 10 years ago: lonely gamers, few women, harsh training and no future if you lose your skill. It isn't a stereotypical depiction of the gaming world. The film is also a portrait of frustration and stagnation of a post 2008, Yanukovych Ukraine. It is a time capsule of technology, fashion and music from the early 2010s. But the film offers 0 interiority of the main character. Why is he sad? Why is he angry? What does he want? It makes it impossible to connect with this "empty" character. Only side characters are truly convincing and human compared to the film's hero.