YoYo. 3-й епізод: Vandal
YoYo. 3-й епізод: Vandal
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YoYo. Episode 3: Vandal

Sestry Feldman
2022 year
dystopia, tragicomedy

YoYo and Pink Jo are still in the city of the past. There YoYo notices Chamomile and falls in love with her, but does not have time to talk to her. He is awakened by B. YoYo asks A and B how he was born. RoboDog comes to their aid. Dogo's educational conversation with YoYo ends with them drawing graffiti.

The morning news reports the first act of vandalism committed after chipping people. And so the main characters become wanted by the police.


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Daria Li
Хотіла подивитися якусь антиутопію і гадки не мала, що знайду анімовану, українську, і таку захопливу!
dsgf dfg
єдине що мені не подобається - нема прямого посилання на наступні серії. треба їх щоразу шукати