YoYo. 2-й епізод: Pink Jo
YoYo. 2-й епізод: Pink Jo
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YoYo. Episode 2: Pink Jo

Sestry Feldman
2022 year
dystopia, tragicomedy
9 min
Original language


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In the second episode, 10-year-old YoYo, walking through his parents' office, finds a candy machine. He buys a chewing gum, which  can melt the walls and start a journey through time. Chewing hum says that his name is Pink Joe. Together with YoYo, they find themselves in a pre-chip era, when people owned the technology and not vice versa.

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Daria Li
Незаслужено обділений увагою серіал, з кожним епізодом все цікавіше.
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зі звуком. А мульи класний