Lucas goes to the Crimea border as an OSCE mission member. After several strange coincidences, Lucas is left alone in a small town in southern Ukraine where he meets a local weirdo Vova. Following Vova, Lucas slowly sinks into the life of the Ukrainian province where actions are alien to any logic or structure.

UAH 60 (~$2) / 7 days

Roman Bondarchuk


English, Українська

Antonіo Lukіch

My thoughts are silent

Young sound engineer Vadim gets a simple yet important task – to record the voices of Transcarpathian animals. This job could be his only chance to permanently leave the "uncomfortable" Ukraine and go to attractive Canada. But things turn out tough since the main companion in the new job will be a a very special person – Vadim's mother.


Yaroslav Popov

Human with a stool (18+)

The Ukrainian film director Leonid Kanter with his wife Diana and daughter Magdalena travels to the Pacific Ocean.   Carrying the stools, the characters of the film traveled over 60,000 km and visited 50 countries.
The film not only tells about Indians in the Caribbean islands, bandit Latin American metropolises, street performances on the markets and decks of ships, the turmoil between travelers, the scenery of the Amazon and Patagonia, but also about Leonid Kanter himself - his "dream country", his "dream country", death.
The film uses a farewell video by Leonid Kanter, which he shot before death.


Vadym Ilkov

Divisional Live

Divisional Live explores poetry through music and visual images, paying attention to rhythms and intonations. It is a sensual work about love, tenderness, death, patience for those around you, about silence. The project was first presented in December 2012 in Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv on the basis of Sergiy Zhadan's book "Firearms and Knives".


Igor Minaiev

The Cacophony of the Donbas

A contemplative film whose idea is to explore the creation of the myth about the Donbas by using archive footage from documentary and feature films. Once life promised to become a symphony of work, joy and welfare, but turned out to be a delusion and a manipulation. Now there are no illusions left. The symphony of the Donbas has turned into a cacophony of the Donbas.


Andriy Lytvynenko

Askania Reserve

Diverse species of both animals and men live in Askania Reserve. But will they survive inevitable change and challenges?