В. Силь­вес­тров
В. Силь­вес­тров
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V. Silvestrov

Serhiy Bukovski
2020 year
portrait film, musical
rus, ukr
eng, ukr

Valentyn Silvestrov is a Ukrainian composer, a prominent figure in contemporary classical music. The pieces of Silvestrov sound in movies (of François Ozon and Kira Muratova in particular). They are an integral part of the repertoire of the world's lead orchestras. Silvestrov even was twice nominated for Grammy. The film is an observation, a confession, and, most of all, a story of great talent set against the backdrop of an uncertain time. 

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Impressions of the film
Galyna Uvarova
Unique opportunity to hear from the living legend composers from Ukraine. The movie consists of three episodes, which share with the viewer composer's search for a perfect sweet sound, the story of the struggle and repression of Silvestrov's music in USSR, and his philosophical reflections. Silverstrov reflects on his path, where he started composing even before he could play piano properly; his composition process is deeply rooted in hearing the sound sequence as it forms organically, rather than forcing a medoly to be born. This was a blessing and a curse: his music is pure, but he could not write commercially. The beauty of Silvestrov's music from the movie will haunt you, it's so beautiful and serene that I wish it would be this world's soundtrack.
Владислав Ковтун
Майстерський фільм-портрет про видатного композитора у виконанні Сергія Буковського.