Так мут співати
Так мут співати
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Thus they will sing

Diana Horban, Anna Yutchenko
2020 year
ethnography, musical, carpathians
18 min
Original language
Ukrainian, English


Short description of the plot without spoilers

Thus they will sing is a movie-collage that interweaves human experiences, soromitski (shaming) songs and the flow of modern life. Soromnitski (shaming) songs are traditional songs (spivankas) with erotic motifs, sung at weddings, vechornytsi (evening parties), and feasts. Although they were quite shameful to sing in everyday life, they were broadcasting the man and woman's behavior patterns.

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Profile picture for user odarkad8@gmail.com
Дарина Дячок
Чудесний фільм,. шкода лише, що такий короткий! Із радістю подивилася б іще)
Profile picture for user hudamarta12@gmail.com
Марта Гуда
я дуже сильно шаную це кіно!
Profile picture for user toma_safarova@ukr.net
Тамара Сафарова
клас, дякую за вашу роботу!