Human with a stool
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Human with a stool (18+)

Yaroslav Popov
2019 year
97 min
Original language
Ukr, Eng
Ukr, Eng
Unfortunately this film is currently not available due to the terms of the license agreement.


Short description of the plot without spoilers

The Ukrainian film director Leonid Kanter with his wife Diana and daughter Magdalena travels to the Pacific Ocean.  Carrying the stools, the characters of the film traveled over 60,000 km and visited 50 countries.

The film not only tells about Indians in the Caribbean islands, bandit Latin American metropolises, street performances on the markets and decks of ships, the turmoil between travelers, the scenery of the Amazon and Patagonia, but also about Leonid Kanter himself - his "dream country", his "dream country", death.
The film uses a farewell video by Leonid Kanter, which he shot before death.

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