Не все буде добре
Не все буде добре
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Everything Will Not Be Fine

Adrіan Pіrvu, Helena Maksyom
2020 year
ecology, drama
82 min
Original language
Romanian, English
Ukrainian, English, Romanian
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Short description of the plot without spoilers

Adrian was born in the year of the Chernobyl accident and his mother always believed that his glaucoma and partial blindness were caused by her visit to Ukraine while she was six months pregnant. Adrian is almost thirty - lonely and without a purpose. He decides to go to Ukraine to make a film about people affected by Chernobyl and find a way to feel better about himself.

In Kyiv, he meets Helena who grew up in Ukraine with the consequences of the disaster. After she quits her job and gets complicated back surgery they become partners in making the film. Traveling together they find people who are dealing with the effects of what happened in 1986, but as they discover the scale of Chernobyl’s impact on a new generation, their health problems catch up with them and they have to divert their plans. 

100% of the sale of the film will be donated to the battalion of Helena Maksyom, codirector of the film.

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