Пригоди S Миколая
Пригоди S Миколая
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December Tale

Semen Gorov
2018 year
for kids, comedy, fantasy
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Little boy Artem with his parents recently moved from a big city to a small Carpathian village. Holidays are coming and, like all children, Artem is waiting for St. Nicholas. And one day Nicholas appears in front of him by his own person. But in fact, he’s not a Saint at all, under his guise an ordinary thief hides himself. Artem and his friends will show all their courage, ingenuity, and agility to expose the villain.

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Пригоди S Миколая
Пригоди S Миколая
Пригоди S Миколая
Пригоди S Миколая
Пригоди S Миколая
Сreative group
Directed by

Semen Gorov

Written by

Anton Bazelinskii

Produced by

Maria Keil

Cinematography by

Oleksiy Stepanov
Ruslan Bogdan

Production Design by
Music by

Yuriy Grom

Sound Engineer

Denis Ryskal
Bogdan Zinkevych
Oleksandr Pustarnakov

Film Editing by

Mariya Efrosinina
Przemyslaw Cypryanski
Maksym Luchak


Big Hand Films

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