Із зав'язаними очима
Із зав'язаними очима
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Taras Dron
2020 year
drama, sport, war
105 min
Original language


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The war in Eastern Ukraine has ended, and the country is trying to return to regular life. Yulia, a 25-year-old professional MMA fighter, has been waiting for a long time for her fiancé Denys to return from the war. He is now presumed dead. Yulia is dealing with the trauma from the loss of her boyfriend, but the people around her feel that she has to keep living in endless mourning “for the war hero”. In order to get rid of constant psychological pressure, Yulia escapes by quitting her athletic career. She starts a new life, as well as a relationship with the new boyfriend Max. That is when Denys’s mother receives a dubious text message saying that her son was found alive and urgently needs money for a surgery that will save his life.

They have one night to find the money – will Yulia decide to try saving her lost love, or will she find the strength to leave the past behind forever?

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Той випадок, коли хотілось, щоб фільм йшов довше. Чудова гра Марини Кошкіної, Лариси Русняк, а особливо Олега Шульги - невимушено та правдиво. Дякую за мінімізацію пафосних сцен і чекаємо на наступний фільм, Тарасе!
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Maryna Kiber
Дуже чекала на цей фільм у кінотеатрі, але в нашому місті не показували. Дякую за можливість подивитись. Фільм сподобався.