Love Above All
Love Above All

Love Above All

4 films
70 min
ukr, eng
eng, ukr

About the collection

'Love Above All' is a selection of short films created by contemporary Ukrainian filmmakers after 24 February 2022. The filmmakers captured the new war reality from the perspective of their personal lives and romantic relationships. With this they have created a voluminous space for reflection and a proposition to pay attention to the emotions and experiences of people who have not lost the ability to love.

The selection includes a film that was part of the official programme of last year's Cannes Film Festival 'As It Was' by Anastasiia Solonevych and Damian Kocur. The prizewinner of Molodist, KISFF, and Wiz-Art festivals, 'Voice Messages from Bakhmut' by Ihor Babaiev. The participant of a number of international and Ukrainian festivals, 'It Is Quiet Here' by Olena Podolianko and Novruz Hikmet, and the bittersweet documentary 'Storks Always Come Home' by Halyna Koziutynska.

Project is supported as part of the (re)connection UA 2023/24 programme, implemented by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) NGO and Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund (UEAF) in partnership with UNESCO and funded through the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund.

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