In Stitches
In Stitches

In Stitches

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85 min

About the collection

In stitches, split your sides, laugh your head off, howling with laughter — what's your favorite way to laugh your heart out? British scientists recommend laughing every day to increase your life expectancy. And Ukrainian scientists prove that our laughter gets on our enemies' nerves. Who are we not to listen!

Takflix contributes to resilience by releasing a new collection of short comedies called In Stitches. These are five ironic and unique films by contemporary Ukrainian directors. Among them is the most titled short film of the year, the black-and-white historical film Golden Leggings by Arkadіy Nepitalyuk, which won the Ukrainian Film Academy Award Golden Dzyga and Ukrainian Film Critics Award Kinokolo. The collection also features Eduard Nechmoglod's indie mockumentary Captain Brovary, a tragicomedy by Olha Sterneichuk based on a story by Serhiy Zhadan called Witold, an ironic comedy by Oleksandra Konoplya, called Well, you are a fool Lisa, about living life in a melodrama-style way, and a coming-of-age story called Be patient by Liubov Honcharenko.

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