Certificate usage policy


  1. The gift certificate gives unlimited access to all Takflix collection films licensed in the user's location.
  2. The gift certificate provides individual viewing of the film by one user on a personal device. Any group demonstrations, public demonstrations, demonstrations in institutions, educational or public events must be agreed upon separately with the rights holders.
  3. The gift certificate provides viewing of the movie in streaming mode on Takflix.com, its subdomains and applications for mobile devices and SmartTV. The minimum internet connection speed for watching movies in streaming mode is 5.0 Mbps.
  4. The date of activation of the Certificate is considered the first use of the promo code to watch the first movie.
  5. The certificate is valid for 90 or 30 days from the date of first activation.
  6. The certificate must be activated no later than 90 days after receipt.
  7. After entering the promo code, the film is available for viewing for 3 days in the "My Cinema" section. You must re-enter the promo code to watch the movie again after 3 days.
  8. By agreeing to the terms of use of the Certificate, the customer and the user also accept the Takflix Public Offer and Privacy Policy.